JP’s Best Electric – A Licensed Electrician in Syracuse, New York

If you have a broken circuit breaker, you need a professional electrician to determine whether it’s caused by overheating, an overload, or a fault in another part of your electrical system. Often, replacing the breaker involves disabling all branch and main circuits and checking for currents before removing and installing the new one. It’s important to work with an electrician who has extensive experience in completing this type of project.Read more:

How much is electrical permit NYC?

A licensed electrician can help you install a ceiling fan. He can also help you select the proper electrical box and brace to contain the wires and support the weight of the fixture. He can also use special tools to mount a ceiling fan without damaging your drywall. Choosing a skilled professional for this task can prevent time-consuming mistakes and potentially dangerous safety problems.

To become a licensed electrician, you need to pass two examinations. The first is a written exam that covers topics like the National Electrical Code and local rules and regulations. The second is a practical exam that tests your ability to perform various tasks. You can find out more about the licensing process in your area by contacting the Licensing and Exams Unit of the Department of Buildings in your city.

Located in Syracuse, New York, JP’s Best Electric has been serving the area for 37 years. The company is a certified, licensed and insured electrical contractor that provides residential, commercial and industrial wiring installation services. Its staff has extensive experience working on renovations and upgrades for both new construction projects and existing structures. Its other services include GFCI circuit repair, whole-house surge protection, parking lot lighting, and machine hookups.

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