The Best Place to Buy Cbd Online Canada

Craft cannabis canada online is highly valued by connoisseurs, and with good reason. The focus on quality and attention to detail make these strains stand out from mass-produced weed, which often has a generic taste and aroma. The best place to buy cbd online canada is from a trusted and reliable provider like Ganja West, who offer an extensive menu of small-batch craft cannabis and other products.

What is expensive weed called?

Licensed producers are increasingly looking to tap into this consumer demand for higher-quality marijuana. For some, this means partnering with or buying out small growers to boost their market share. It also means embracing the notion that craft grows are the future of the industry. The government-owned Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) recently launched a “Craft Cannabis” product designation that provides a promotional boost for small, high-quality producers in the critical Ontario market.

However, there are concerns that these shifts may be taking away access to marijuana for medical users. Some health experts say that the lack of cultivation micro-class licenses could lead to shortages at retail stores and limit medical patients’ options. One such expert, a Calgary-based health sociologist and public health researcher named Dr. Rebecca Haines-Saah, says this is particularly concerning for people who use marijuana to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain and anxiety.

The provincial government in British Columbia, for example, is working with a group called the Kootenay Outdoor Producer Co-Op to help black or grey market growers transition to the legal marketplace by providing business support such as marketing development and security licensing.

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