Success Stories

Each year we place hundreds of cats and dogs into loving homes. Below are some of their stories.




Bella was found living all alone in a dark hole in the wall of the parking garage at the Royal Islander Club in St. Maarten. She used to beg for food as people got into their cars. A woman who could not bear the thought of her getting run over by a car contacted Dellia and begged for her help. The poor cat was starving and covered in white powder from the construction inside the walls; she could barely open her eyes because she was not used to the light. Dellia contacted one of her “fans” in New York and was able to find someone who was willing to foster Bella until she learned that people would never be mean to her again. Today Bella is living in the lap of luxury on Long Island, purring non-stop and enjoying belly rubs!




Ebony was found scared and alone on the grounds of the Sonesta Maho hotel in St. Maarten. She was placed there by one of the locals who feared for her safety as she watched her cross the busy street. Fortunately, Dellia was conducting business on the island and was able to save her from certain death because black cats are often used to practice voodoo in St. Maarten. Ebony was placed into foster care with a very kind woman until she was able to be escorted by a devoted animal lover to New York where she found her forever home. Ebony is now busy charming everyone in the room with her playful antics as she enjoys her doting family.



Penelope and Gabriel

It was an unusually rainy week. I got a frantic call from a friend who had just found what she thought was an almost dead kitten just sitting in a puddle at the dumpster wanting to know if I could I take her because she was allergic.

I wasn’t too eager since a few nights before I had rescued another sweet white and gray kitty who I called Gabriel, from the engine of a car .. but immediately upon seeing her I knew I did the right thing; she was totally dehydrated and looked like a drowned rat. I wondered what cruel soul could’ve dumped this frail 3 week old instead of taking her to the animal much longer could she have survived?

Life was fine after a good meal, a warm bath and a cuddly soft toy to curl up to. Gabriel and Penelope soon became inseparable as Gabriel protected his foster sister from everyone else (I have 7 other wonderful rescued cats) and they were both loving and grateful for their new lease on life. My friend Marti could not stop thinking about the sweet kitty that she found one rainy night on her way home…and miraculously she was no longer allergic.

She adopted Penelope along with her protector Gabriel (kittens are like potato chips, you can’t have just one) and now they live happily ever after in a house full of kids and dogs and most important they are forever part of a loving family. Reahabilitation takes time, passion and money. Not all have happy endings if we don’t get to them in time….PREVENTION IS KINDER THAN DESTRUCTION…spaying and neutering is the key to NO MORE HOMELESS PETS!




On a late Saturday afternoon in May after the Animal Shelter and Veterinarians’ offices were already closed, a tiny kitten was found on Coki Beach, a popular spot on St.Thomas. Thankfully someone knew the phone number for Dellia Holodenschi, a one woman animal rescue warrior. The good Samaritan who found the kitten did not have any transportation so Dellia dispatched a volunteer to pick it up where it was left in a box. The tiny perhaps 2 1/2 week old Siamese colored kitten, later named Coki, was in pathetic condition: blue eyes matted shut, dirty knotted face and a filthy small body ending in a bobbed tail. First she was bottle fed then given a flea bath because she was covered in fleas. The bath water actually turned a rusty red from the dried blood in the flea feces. Three shampoos later, the clear water is peppered in dead fleas but her body is still covered with clinging ones that are removed with tweezers. Her gums and tongue are very pale from blood loss due to fleas. Strange and heartwarming how she immediately shows gratitude through complete contentment and soft purring sounds…. She quickly becomes playful and energetic being a typical kitten in every way. With milk replacement bottle feeding, Nutri-Cal supplement, deworming and lots of TLC she makes a speedy recovery. Three weeks later she was ready for her forever home.




It was late and Jim was rushing to get home to his wife and baby, Gracie, after a long work day. On the side of the road he saw what looked like a baby piglet (that’s how big her belly was). It was in fact a very sweet, tiny pregnant dog.

Jim scooped her up and dialed Dellia in a hurry…“Help, what should I do?” he asked. He then rushed her over to the vet and kept her comfortable…the little darling didn’t say a beep…she just knew that her tough life on the street was about to change forever. Sadly, she tested positive for heartworm and lost her unborn puppies. She stayed in the vet’s office for over a week trying to recover. Everyone fell in love with her but each person had too many animals already. Eventually, a great family from St. Croix adopted her! We are so grateful for this happy ending for Gracie. Thanks Big Snipper Jim! Naming her after your daughter gave her just the luck she needed to find a loving forever home.



Mouse and Jolie

A frantic call came from the vet’s office; 4 kittens were brought in found by All Saints School children on their way to school. They actually witnessed the mother cat being killed by a car and found the kittens in a nearby bush.

Can you help they asked? Unfortunately, they had already lost 2…less than 2 weeks old so their chances of survival on their own were slim to none..I dispatched one of our volunteers. Werner with lots of experience in bottle feeding came to the rescue. After weeks of 3 hour interval feedings with KMR milk replacer, a heating pad and lots of love the little tots blossomed. We named them Brad & Jolie and I ended up adopting them both. They adored each other and were inseparable.

Brad’s name was eventually changed to Mouse. I loved him dearly but sadly lost him to a fatal disease last year. Jolie is now the queen of the house. Fostering is an essential part of rescue work and especially rewarding.

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” Anatole France